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Socialysta is a women's member's club for luxury lovers, spanning both the real and virtual worlds of pleasure and sophistication.

Our clubhouse offers the opportunity to join a dynamic community of like-minded women.

Become more well-rounded, enrich your life and expand your social network. We deeply appreciate tradition, so rest assured that you will never have to sacrifice your elegant tastes.

Socialysta is a space where you can form friendships with people who inspire you to be your best. Meet women who can enjoy the finer things in life with you, such as travel, the arts, fashion and more. Our platform provides a safe space to embrace your femininity and celebrate being a woman.

Join us today and bask in the glory of glamour and technological sophistication!



“My personal experience of joining has been wonderful so far. I have attended some offline social events in London, where the team have shown themselves as highly professional amazing hosts, never leaving any guest without their personal attention and making everyone feel at home. I would highly recommend SOCIALYSTA to all the ladies wishing to upgrade their levels in life, same as those who have already done it, as we all have a great opportunity to find new friends, get together following common interests and share life knowledge and experiences.”


“My experiences with the club have been very fulfilling and pleasant. Dami, the event organiser, has always been accommodating. I’ve enjoyed playing golf and having lunches/dinners with all of the members!”


“SOCIALYSTA is a very friendly, fun, and professional group of ladies that has always welcomed me with open arms from day one. If you want to make new connections, upgrade your lifestyle and overall have a great time, look no further than this club!”


Is Socialysta right for you?