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Dr Maha Shariff BSc MBBS DRCOG MRCGP, the founder of Dr Maha Aesthetics based in West London, sat down with us to share some luxurious skincare tips to level up your routine and keep your summer glow throughout the winter months.

Is medical-grade skincare worth the price tag?

Dr Maha in her London clinic

According to Dr Maha, medical-grade skincare is all about the formulations, the quality of the ingredients, the actives used and the delivery systems. Take vitamin c for example – many retail formulations will be around 2% strength and will be added to products like lotions despite vitamin c being water-soluble. Retail brands tend to put marketing and hype before the effectiveness of the product. 

Medical-grade products are results-driven so the formulations tend to be much stronger. You can also be sure the delivery systems will take the ingredients to the right cells. 


Does everyone need medical-grade skincare?

For younger skin, medical-grade skincare is ideal for specific issues. From your 30s onwards, consider medical-grade skincare for anti-ageing concerns. Dr Maha recommends starting with medical-grade serums, which will give you the most value. When it comes to budget, it’s worth noting that luxury ‘retail’ skincare brands now have increasingly high price tags on par with medical-grade brands, despite not being as potent. 


How long does it take to see results with new products?

It will take around three months to see visible results with a new skincare product. Dr Maha recommends taking photos of your skin at 4-6 week intervals to track your results.


How effective is ‘natural’ skincare?

Natural ingredients are a big trend in the skincare world but can be problematic for acne-prone and sensitive skin. All medical-grade skincare is tested and has undergone vigorous trials before hitting the market, making it the safest option. 


Should we invest in professional treatments?

Yes! For beginners, skin peels are perfect for keeping your skin fresh and radiant, especially during winter. Skin peels also have anti-ageing effects when done regularly and will complement your daily skincare routine.


Final tips

Dr Maha stresses to always check the expiry date of your products! Don’t be afraid to bin old bottles, as they can become irritating to your skin after some time.