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A luxury guide to polo

Often called ‘The Sport of Kings’, polo is one of the world’s oldest sports. Dating back to the 6th century BC, nomadic Iranian and Turkic peoples were the earliest players of the game. In the 1800s, British soldiers observed the game while stationed in India. Since then, the love for polo spread throughout Europe.

As well as the UK, polo is particularly popular in Argentina and the USA.


Rules of the game

A game of polo requires two teams, and one team must score more points than the opposition to win. Each team will have four players made up of attackers and defenders. 

Each polo match consists of four to eight ‘chukkas’ or plays, each lasting seven minutes. Teams change field direction each time a player scores a goal.

Each player will need at least two ‘polo ponies’, which are horses bred for the game. These horses are either owned by the player or provided by the club. 

Two mounted umpires oversee the game.

Also interesting to note is that each player will have a handicap. The best players receive a rating of ten, and beginners start from minus two.


Dress code

The dress code for spectators depends on the formality of the match. This can range from smart casual to lounge dress. When selecting your outfit, think glamorous yet practical. Opt for bright summer colors, natural fabrics, tailoring, and florals.

For accessories, outdoor staples like wedges, sunhats, and statement sunglasses are a good idea.

Avoid stilettos, which will sink into the grass, and clothing that is too tight or form-fitting. 



When spectating, think of golf rather than football. Avoid startling the horses by being too loud or boisterous. 

For a true enthusiast, a pair of binoculars may be handy to closely observe the match 

Matches usually have a 15-minute half-time, allowing spectators to join the ‘stomping of the divots’. This is when the turf displaced by the horses during the match is ‘stomped’ back into place for the second half.


In conclusion …


Polo matches are a summer staple in high society social calendars. Enjoy this historical sport in fine surroundings, whilst catching up with old friends and meeting new people. 

Perfect for … girl’s day out, family day out, and hospitality.

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