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What exactly is networking? Mainly used in business, it’s a simple process that involves reaching out to people for professional purposes, keeping in touch with those people, and introducing people in your network to each other aka “making introductions”. 

This is seen as perfectly acceptable in society, and something everyone can master. The more time and effort you put into your career,  the more natural networking becomes. People are very happy to “network” with you for mutually beneficial projects and opportunities if you have something to offer business-wise. 

But how do you convert those professional connections into social connections? How do you become the person people want to hang out with outside of business hours? 

Well, this is a more advanced form of networking that can actually improve the quality of your life and open the doors to vast opportunities. Networking and social skills are very intertwined. The more advanced your networking skills are, the easier it is to elevate your social network. On the flip side, this can come with negative connotations of “social climbing” or “being fake”.

So why bother you may ask? Through networking, you’ll hear about excellent job and investment opportunities before anyone else, allowing you to get a head start. You’ll have high-quality dating options based on the new and improved circles you frequent. You’ll enhance your social life through unique and exclusive experiences, and become a well-rounded woman.

Here are some ways to positively impact your life through networking –


1. Be in the right career


To begin networking in the right places, it’s advisable to pivot your career into certain industries and niches such as the luxury sector, entertainment, PR, media, real estate, tech, and so on. These industries are where you’ll find go-getters that work hard and play even harder. This crowd is happy to mix business and pleasure.


2. Be memorable



Networking gets your foot in the door and makes you known. But you want to be the person everyone has a great time with. You don’t need to be the life of the party, but you should be positive and enthusiastic. Think about how you behave at events and parties – do you draw people in; are you memorable? Can you carry a good conversation with people you may deem ‘intimidating’? Mastering this is how you can being to climb the social ranks.

Make people want to invite you back to the next event. And remember, all the best networking happens at private, exclusive events that are not advertised.


3. Determine your strengths


Simply frequenting upscale venues won’t get good results. What are your strengths and interests? This will be key in social settings because people are social with those who share their passions and interests – people who get them. That’s how you’ll keep getting repeat invites and introductions. 


In conclusion …


Networking may come naturally to some and may seem daunting to others. But it’s something we can all master and use to elevate our lives, depending on our individual goals. So what are you waiting for? You can kickstart it by meeting like-minded women in our clubhouse